The method I use in my individual and team coaching comes from two different consolidated and internationally recognized coaching techniques.
The first is from the Coaching University, in Milan, accredited by the International Coach Federation. Here is where I attended my master and obtained the ACC ICF credentials.
The second comes from Febracis in Rio de Janeiro, from whom I learned the Integral Systemic Coaching method, recognized in Brazil and the United States, at the Florida Christian University.
Both techniques studied have contributed to the development of my professional approach which combines and applies the two methods jointly and which makes the training sessions highly performing, in terms of involvement and well-being of the participants, both individually and in teams.

Thanks to the global coaching spread, remaining faithful to the ethical and professional principles of the ICF, in which excellence and professionalism must be guaranteed all over the world, I help people to:

1. Facilitate the discovery, clarity and alignment of the goals to be achieved;
2. Discover their goals clearly;
3. Ensure that the solutions and strategies to follow emerge from the client himself;
4. Promote full autonomy and self-responsibility to the client.

Through the Integral Systemic Coaching methodology I support the processes of change by working on 11 fundamental pillars in order to get a more balanced life:

  • Emotional
  • Professional
  • Relational
  • Financial
  • Familiar
  • Social
  • Health
  • Time
  • Intellectual
  • Impact
  • Spiritual

This extraordinary methodology supports the person and his systemic functioning: when one or more of these pillars are not balanced, our life gets complicated, things don’t go well, well-being goes away, because every single pillar influences all the others.

Once the starting point has been established, the current situation with the respective pillars on which you want to work, I develop the paths, both for coaching and soft skills training.

Thanks to this powerful method, I support the desired change: with the right push, at the right speed, towards the right direction.

For over 10 years I strongly believe that the purpose of coaching, the professional and certified one, is to train a more serene, joyful and meaningful lifestyle, every single day.
There isn’t a single way or strategy to achieve success in every area of our lives, but together we can find what’s right for you, aligned with your evolution process.


The process happens through individual or team meetings, from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 sessions, which are usually spread over 3-4 months.
Sessions last 60 minutes and can take place face-to-face, at my office in Milan, Isola area, or online.
As a coach, I will guide you towards your improvement journey, setting smart goals and always using supportive exercises and rich stimuli to train a new awareness and keep your energy high.

Contacts - (+39) 333 886 8913