The CIS ASSESSMENT in simple words is an incredible 20 pages report about you. Your personality type, your values and your psychological typology, your communication style, and everything that characterizes and influences your choices and decisions in your personal and professional life.

A powerful behavioral profile analysis tool that helps you collect more than 80 pieces of information about yourself, to better understand your own behavior, temperament and personality patterns.


The CIS ASSESSMENT is a software that helps establish metrics to select and evaluate human performance, map the personality, mix the organizational climate and create a supporting work plan shared by the whole team. When we discover our type of behavioral profile, we know our communication characteristics and those of our colleagues, so our performance and professional results change incredibly.


  • Increase the level of understanding and team connection
  • Reduces conflict and misunderstandings
  • Upskilling and reskilling: discover how to assign team resources to the right position and role, extracting the maximum potential from each of them.
  • Reassign roles and tasks to employees based on the type of behavior profile
  • Effective selection of roles and people: save time and money in the external or internal selection of people, bringing more security and assertiveness to the process.
  • Increase team energy and productivity
  • It exponentially improves communication and daily internal dynamics
  • Increase your awareness and deep knowledge of yourself and positivity in your life


The profile analysis happens through an online specific software. The assessment takes place through a 360° analysis: by answering certain questions in person and also having the environment around us responding honestly about us (colleagues, friends, relatives).

The accuracy rate, above the market average, is 90%.
The tool is practical and accessible even from a mobile phone, with just a few clicks.

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