In order to progress and increase its chances of success, any company must face changes, often complex and on a rapid pace, or it runs the risk of sinking. While change represents new opportunities, it is often viewed with suspicion.

Helping employees to face a transition phase through targeted coaching and mindfulness courses can be a decisive factor for the company’s success.
When we go to work, we don’t leave our emotions at home before entering the office. This is why change is something that must be managed by people and with people. It is essential to identify and intervene on the two main forces of this process: the push and resistance to change.

Team coaching

A team coaching process is focused on developing relational and leadership skills common to all team members.

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Soft skills training

Training course entirely dedicated to training all those essential skills to work and live better

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Profile Assesment

The CIS ASSESSMENT, in simple words, is an incredible 20 pages report that talks about you.

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