Elisa Anna

Coach for Change

If you decide to start a coaching journey with me and choose me as your Coach for change, you should know something more about me.

Basic info: energetic, enthusiast, spontaneous.                                                  Born in Milan, Master’s Degree in Political Sciences and International Relations. Two long Coaching Masters: Coaching Master Program accredited ICF, with ACC credentials obtained; and Golden Belt at International Coaching Institution FEBRACIS.
Nature, travel, languages, breakfast and deep human connections lover.


Something more: Change really excites me. I could live everywhere in the world. So I did during 8 years.
I’ve been working in the international cooperation field, for humanitarian projects (human rights in prison, treatment and prevention of HIV virus, right to study) moving between South Africa, Brazil, Cameroon, Switzerland and Angola.
I used to change country, mission, sometimes profession too (at some moment I jumped into the classical company “office work position”, which still was something new to me). So change became a constant in my life.

Everytime I moved into a new city, I had to start my life again: new house, new language, new culture, climate, colleagues, friends, mindset, traditions, food… new lifestyle! And that was extremely exciting, I got used to it every time, and every time I thought I would have stayed and eventually settle there, that I would have not changed country anymore.
I used to create a bond with my new place, with the new habits, with the new people who entered into my life, with what my eyes got used to, with all the new feelings and sensations. I remember I refused to see myself moving again, I was sure I would have found my stability, my dimension there.
Why should I change if I am so good here where I am? Change often means uncertainity, so fear started to hit. I didn’t want to loose again my lifelines, my anchors. Nevertheless, in the end I kept on changing. Cycles always got closed, things always came to an end. And every time I had to leave and move towards a new mission. Surely with pain and grief in accepting the experience was over, but this is exactly what allowed me to start living something new again. For every cycle closed I had a chance to open a new one, somewhere else. And literally: somewhere I could have never even imagined.
Change is perceived from our mind as an unknown, so as something dangerous. Until you fully live it (in a smart and programmed way, with a pinch of madeness).
But change does not always need to be so drastic like moving to the other side of the world or do something extreme. There are small daily changes, easier or harder to manage, related to our emotional life, to our beliefs and daily routines. These kind of changes, once accepted and put into practice, can completely change our life.

Transformation can’t be avoided. It’s like a natural law of life: you need to live the process, remembering that life itself is always with you, and not against you.

Obstacles and troubles are part of the process, too. Something leaves your life to leave space to something else, eventually more aligned with you, surely more useful to your evolution, and more exciting for your soul.

And this is why today I work as a Coach for change: for a passion, profession and personal life experience. Today, back in Milan, I created my new anchors, knowing that changes will still come.  But with the right mindset, at the right speed and towards the right direction, facing them will feel different!

Coaching is a lifestyle, and is the best tool you can use every day to manage small and big changes in our existence.

How your life will be in 3 years if you keep on the same way?
What would happen if you valued more your employees potential and wellness?

If you already know is time for you or your company to live a change, do yourself this favour:

  • Get in contact with me and let me know your current needs, in which area of your life or company (What’s wrong? What do you want to achieve through coaching?)
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